Which cosmetic procedures are better in different seasons?

As we approach the end of winter, the changing of the seasons is on everyone's minds. As soon as we enter spring it will dissolve into summer and summer into fall, and with those changes come more chances to have your look reflect how you feel. While there are many circumstances that may decide when you have something done, different times of year provide unique opportunities for certain procedures. Here's an idea of how you can plan yours according to the season:


Winter is an extremely popular time for cosmetic procedures. In fact, most surgeons report an increase in patients in December every year by about 20 to 30 percent. Because of the holidays, winter is a great time to have something done because you often already have time off. Some patients get these procedures as a gift from a loved one too. In fact, one survey showed plenty of women would be happy to get Botox as a gift for Valentine's Day.

Other motivations to undergo a procedure in the winter include looking good for holiday photos and parties, and the cooler weather, which means wearing bulkier clothes to conceal any signs of recovery. You're also more likely to be out of the sunlight during any recovery period, which is often recommended for most procedures. For these reasons, there is no one specific treatment that is right for this particular season, so take advantage of winter weather while it's still around!


This is a busy time for cosmetic procedures as everyone prepares for a season of weddings, beaches and less clothing overall. If your winter isn't as full of downtime as everyone else's, spring is still a great time to get many different procedures done. The climate can still be cool enough to cover up any after-effects of your procedure with clothing. More importantly though, any procedure done in the spring can get you fully prepared for the summer, like liposuction.

Since this season is considered a sort of "fresh start" for many people, who often demonstrate that with a spring cleaning of their homes, why not give your face the same treatment? A procedure like an exfoliating peel can rid your skin of dead cells and leave you with a fresh, rejuvenated complexion.

Summer is still a great time to get the look you've always wanted.Summer is still a great time to get the look you've always wanted.


Many people don't consider summer a great time to have any sort of cosmetic procedure, since your skin is typically more exposed, but that's not necessarily true. Not every treatment needs to disrupt your life, not even in the summer.

This season is a great time to keep up with your skin care. Since you'll likely be more exposed, probably wearing bathing suits, it's an ideal time to start or keep up with laser hair removal treatments. For full effectiveness, patients usually undergo at least six to eight treatments, but it depends on the the amount of hair and how it responds to the laser. While there is no downtime needed for this procedure, the treated area may show signs of swelling, blistering and mild bruising but that won't last more than a few days.


After an active summer, you could be at the right weight for body contouring in the fall. Coupled with the fact that it's also the start of "sweater weather," this season is the perfect opportunity for a procedure like liposuction. Not to mention, it gives you plenty of time before the upcoming holidays to get everything you want done and look your best for all those family get-togethers. It's a great time to get a fresh face through an exfoliating peel or microdermabrasion.

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