What to consider before trying laser hair removal

If you are fed up with shaving and tired of those irritating facial hairs, you might start to feel like you never want to look at another pair of tweezers again. Many people find waxing less-than-desirable; it's not exactly pleasant, and you have to keep doing it over and over again to see results.

Maybe it's time that you discover the myriad benefits of laser hair removal, and try out the treatment.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, this method of removing extraneous fuzz is effective for hair reduction and the removal of unwanted hair. So what is left to think about?

It's going to take a little time
Laser hair removal is a gradual process, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) explained. You might have to be a little patient because the complete elimination of those pesky hairs may take several sessions. Laser treatment only affects the growing follicles, which means that you have to wait until the hair re-grows (it will come back lighter) for another session.

You'll have more time to think about other things than hair
Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure and the side effects are minimal. You can schedule your appointment and then get on with your day. Afterwards, patients can expect very mild swelling around the hair follicles, temporary changes to the pigment of the skin and slight redness according to the ASPS, but these should not be troublesome or uncomfortable. The skin texture may change for a short while, and you can expect a little blistering or crusting of the skin, but this is normal and to be expected.

Last but not least…
As always, find and work with a licensed plastic surgeon or practitioner and schedule a consultation before you begin the process of hair removal – for good!

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