What is a plasma facial?


Getting a facial can be great to give your complexion a healthy glow. Whether it’s an extraction to remove blackheads and cystic pimples or a moisturizing facial to increase blood flow, there are plenty of ways a facial can be part of your beauty routine. It can even roll back the clock, making skin look younger.

But did you know you can use plasma as part of a facial?

Try the platelet-rich plasma facial
Platelet-rich plasma treatments do just that. According to Refinery29, certified clinicians take a small sample of blood and separate out the plasma to inject them into your face using microneedling. This process is a bit more in-depth than your average facial, the publication noted. It’s meant to reduce the look of fine lines and boost collagen production in a non-invasive manner.

It can take up to two weeks to see the full results of a PRP facial. The microneedling – which injects the plasma into the first layer of skin while also stimulating the body to create more collagen. In addition, new blood vessels form, giving your complexion an even color. Make sure to keep moisturizer on hand! Your skin may feel dry for several days after the facial.

Why use plasma?
What’s the benefit of using plasma? The PRP facial uses your own blood cells, removing the potential of exposing you to any allergens. In addition, the growth hormone present in these cells can speed up the new cell generation that results from a PRP facial.

For optimal results, you can receive this treatment several times per year. You’ll have smoother, younger-looking skin as a result! Want to learn more? Reach out to Skin and Cosmetic Solutions to schedule a consultation.

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