Tricks to reduce undereye bags

All it takes is a few nights of staying up too late for dreaded undereye circles to appear. These, paired with puffy eyelids, can age you fast. If you're not able to grab a few more hours of shut-eye, we found a way to reduce the look of these undereye bags.

The Makeup Fix
A good undereye concealer can hide a few sleepless nights while also nourishing your skin. Marie Claire suggested purchasing concealers with good-for-you ingredients, like chamomile, which can reduce puffiness.

You can choose from liquid or powder concealers – but beware of applying too much! You can use a few drops of liquid concealer at a time and blend using your ring finger: It will create a more natural look thanks to the warmth from your hands.

The Au-Naturel Fix
Summer is a perfect time to ditch your makeup bag. If you prefer an au-natural look, you can place cool tea bags over your eyes to bring the inflammation down. Choose from black or green tea, Hello Glow suggested. Caffeinated black tea can reduce puffiness by constricting blood vessels under the eye, while also increasing circulation. You can also experiment with using herbal teas that include cinnamon, which also eases inflammation.

The Lifestyle Fix
Your love of salty French fries may be contributing to those under eye bags, Hello Glow noted in the same article. Salt helps your body retain water – and your face may  be suffering as a result. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet to keep the inflammation at bay. You can also erase the tired look by breaking a sweat. Increasing blood circulation can keep your lymphatic fluids moving, giving you a healthy glow.

Use these tricks to get rid of undereye bags so you can put your best face forward.

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