Tips to keep your skin glowing

Awards season is right around the corner – which means stars will walk the red carpet with glowing skin, exuding self confidence. It may seem easy to brush off their anti-aging looks on good genes, Renee Rouleau wrote for Refinery29, but how our skin ages is mostly determined by our personal habits, not by own genes. Many stars use minimal or non-invasive procedures to make their skin look its best. You can steal their skin care tips to make sure you're glowing for your Oscars party as well – or any other social event where you need to look and feel like a movie star.

Invest in retinol cream
Rouleau noted that stars find facial products they like – and that work – and stick with them. One ingredient to look for when shopping for your facial products is retinol.  As Katie Dickens reported in Elle magazine, retinoid creams or oils, when topically applied to skin, help individuals develop smoother, silkier skin and get rid of wrinkles. Skin and Cosmetic Solutions can help you find a cream that doesn't cause any irritation and can make your skin glow. You can also try the hydrating serum, which includes pomegranate extract for an extra boost of antioxidants, to help fight off free radicals.

Find a product you like and stick with it for smooth skin.Find a product you like and stick with it for smooth skin.

Relax with a facial or peel
Individuals who are interested in investing in bi-monthly or monthly in-depth skincare can get a facial or chemical peel. The Deep Pore Cleansing Facial available at Skin and Cosmetic Solutions works to increase blood circulation with an exfoliation, giving individuals a healthy, rosy glow. In addition, exfoliating removes dead skin cells, turning skin into a "clean slate." Individuals can also try one-of-a-kind facials, like raspberry and white chocolate treatments. The cocoa butter in the white chocolate gives skin a hydrating boost, while the raspberries offer antioxidant protection.

Uncover a youthful glow with a microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is another procedure individuals can try to get red-carpet ready. You can squeeze in a microdermabrasion appointment during lunch with little to no recovery time as a result, wrote Clare McAdams for Livestrong. This procedure is ideal for individuals looking to minimize the look of fine lines and reveal younger-looking skin.

There are other lifestyle tricks that you can borrow from actors to achieve beautiful skin. Make sure to get a proper night's rest: When you're sleeping, your body go into repair mode – and that applies to your face as well. This may be especially important after spending a day in the sun, where you'll get exposed to UV rays. In addition, keep your diet full of foods with antioxidants like dark, leafy greens and dark berries. Paired with the non-invasive skin procedures available at Skin and Cosmetic Solutions, you'll look and feel your best. Call to schedule a consultation today to see which procedure is right for you.

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