Three procedures to help with acne

Whether you are having a breakout in your adolescence or a case of adult acne, you have plenty of options when it comes to treatment. If you are tired of the more traditional routes of topical creams and prescription medication, it may be time to consider one of the procedures from Skin & Cosmetic Solutions. Here are three that you probably aren't as familiar with:

1. Cryotherapy
This procedure, also known as Slush, is a cold exfoliation treatment. The professional administering treatment will dip dry ice in a solution of acetone and sulfur before gently rubbing it over your face. The action will loosen dead skin cells across the surface of your face. This procedure can be even more helpful in the treatment of acne because the cold temperature helps to destroy the bacteria during exfoliation.

2. Microdermabrasian
Our team of professionals is excited about this type of treatment. Using a hand-held machine, dermatologists will project micro-crystals onto specific, targeted areas of your skin. After that, a microdermabrasian machine will vacuum the inserted crystals out of your skin, taking dead cells with them. The end result is younger-looking skin.

3. Vitalize Peel
Skin & Cosmetic Solution's Vitalize Peel is perfect for patients who have maintained a rejuvenation routine. The peel utilizes lactic and salicylic acids to improve the overall texture of your skin while increasing collagen production. The production of collagen is what effectively heals acne, scars and the areas around them. Although professionals recommend the treatment about once a month, busy lives can make it difficult to find the time for perfect skin care. Come in one or two times a year, and give your skin the treatment it deserves.

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