Questions to ask before laser hair removal

Sick of shaving, waxing or plucking? Chances are you're already considering laser hair removal to diminish those pesky tendrils for good. Even if you know people who have gone through the procedure before, you will probably have questions for your dermatologist. Naturally, you should make a list of any concerns, but here are some of the other things you may want to ask before your first treatment:

Do you understand the procedure?
Shape Magazine said that laser hair removal reduces the hair by attacking the follicle. Ask your dermatologist exactly what to expect after treatment and whether or not follow-up appointments will be necessary, as it can take several sessions. Additionally, the source noted that new follicles can develop, resulting in more hair growth, so you may be coming back for additional treatments in the future, but ask your dermatologist to be sure.

How do you care for the area?
It is important to ask how best to care for the treated skin, noted the American Academy of Dermatologists. First and foremost, you will have to stay out of direct sunlight, and to cool the epidermis, you may want to apply a cold compress, if that is what your dermatologist dictates. Check and make sure you don't have to do anything special before leaving the office, just to be certain. Laser hair removal is not unpleasant and should not feel more intense than a sunburn. It is always best to ask the person doing the procedure exactly what to expect in terms of your experience and sensationso don't be shy! You should feel confident about your decision to have laser hair removal, and confident that you know what to expect and why.

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