Making a case for bars of soap


According to a study from Nielsen, only 35 percent of women use bars of soap. The large majority of women have turned to body wash for their bathing needs instead. The shift in beauty product preference is probably due to the fact that roughly half of individuals (48 percent) believe that bar soap is covered in germs, according to research conducted by Mintel. Yet according to the National Library of Medicine, bar soap is not likely to transfer bacteria. In addition to being more sanitary than suspected, bars of soap can actually offer bathing benefits that body washes cannot. Here are a couple of them:

It’s easier to remove dirt and debris.
Regardless of whether you apply the soap directly to your skin or use a tool such as a loofah or washcloth, bars of soap have properties that make them better exfoliates than typical body washes. Bar soaps are generally rougher on your skin. While that may feel a little harsh on your skin at times, it also means they’re more effective at removing dirt, grime and other debris from your skin. Shower gels and other body washes are better cleansers than exfoliates in many cases.

On top of that, a new bill approved by President Obama will ban body washes from being made with microbeads starting in July 2017, according to Business Insider. The microbeads currently found in some shower gels are more effective at removing dirt and debris from the skin, but are nearly impossible to dispose of safely.

You can still have natural oils.
There are plenty of individuals who are drawn to body washes because of their beautiful scents. What those people don’t realize is that liquid soaps often use alcohol-based fragrances, which can severely dry out your skin. Luckily, there are plenty of soap bars that use natural oils as ingredients. Not only will you love the scents, but natural oils also have moisturizing properties that are excellent for your skin. If you’re concerned about dry skin in the winter months for example, switch to a bar of soap with more moisturizing ingredients for that period of time.

Using bar soap or body wash is a personal decision, but the most important aspect is that you are bathing on a regular basis. Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, a dermatologist in New York City, maintains that people should pay more attention to the ingredients in their soaps:

“There’s always a lot of confusion about whether or not one is superior to the other,” she told Yahoo. “But it really comes down to the ingredients in the cleanser.”

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