Incorporate chocolate into your skincare routine with these DIY tricks

It's hard not to love chocolate. We nosh on it for many major holidays (here's looking at you, Valentine's Day). But too much chocolate can pack on the calories. If you don't want the temptation of kisses or bars nearby, turn it into a DIY solution. Dark chocolate, with its antioxidants, is known to be good for your insides: It can reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol. It's also good for your outsides too. Check out how you can use chocolate in your next at-home spa day:

Chocolate Facials
Dark chocolate is known for its antioxidant properties – so why not use it to make your skin look dewy and glowy? Cocoa butter, the ingredient that makes quality chocolate smooth, is a great moisturizer for your skin. The white chocolate and raspberry facial from Skin Solutions is a mess-free way for you to experience the benefits of a chocolate facial. Those who want to try it at home can use the recipe from StyleCraze, which utilizes cocoa powder.

Whipped Cocoa Bath
You can thank the geniuses at Hershey Park for coming up with this. Now, there's no need to travel to Pennsylvania to visit the spa – you can make your own at home. The milk in this DIY remedy can give your skin a boost of vitamin D – a must for healthy skin – as well as protein, which can promote smoother-looking skin, according to beauty site Bellatory.

Dark chocolate and cocoa powder can help keep you looking great.Dark chocolate and cocoa powder can help keep you looking great.

Chocolate and Walnut Exfoliant
This DIY remedy uses ground walnut shells to rub away dead skin cells on your face and body. They're gentler than chemical exfoliants and will be less likely to leave your skin red with irritation. You can add cocoa powder to this recipe from beauty blogger Handmade Beauty Box – or you can add cocoa essence for a more concentrated chocolate-y aroma.

Chocolate Sugar Scrub
Adding brown sugar to a DIY scrub can rub off dead skin cells – especially on rough areas like your knees, elbows and feet – to reveal smooth skin underneath. Another unexpected benefit? It will help you curb your cravings for a chocolate snack. According to Alan Hirsch, MD, simply smelling cocoa tricks your brain into releasing feel-good neurotransmitters.

Taking care of your skin with a daily regimen is essential to looking and feeling your best. Incorporating deep cleanses once per week can do wonders for your skin – do these too often however, and they could strip your skin of its natural oils and lead to dry, irritated skin. Make the most of your love of chocolate with these DIY chocolate skincare tips. You can also come into Skin Solutions to try them! Schedule a free consultation today and feel the difference.

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