Ditch your old makeup this summer

Do you know how long you should keep your makeup? If you hold on to your lipstick or mascara for too long, it can harbor bacteria or crack and dry out. Summer, with its high humidity and constant opportunity to be near water, can be the perfect time to ditch your old rouge or lipstick. Check out the tips to see when you should pick up a new item. That way, you can put your best face forward all summer long.

Your timeline should depend on the product
According to POPSUGAR, many powder products should head to the trash bin after two years (even if it's the last of your perfect concealer). However, if you dip your brush in water and then swirl it in your compact, you may have to toss it out sooner. Moisture can turn any makeup product into a breeding ground for bacteria. And black bacteria is never attractive – it could even make you sick!

In addition to noting how long you've had each product, you should also pay attention to how your mascara or lipstick looks and smells. Clumping mascara can suggest its drying out, even before reaching its three month deadline. And lipstick? It can develop a strange smell that means it should get tossed.

Eye products have the shortest shelf life
Mascara and liquid or gel eyeliners should be swapped out every three months, Lifehacker Australia suggested. The big reason for the constant turnover? You're putting a mascara wand up to your eye – so if there's any bacterial contamination, your eyes will get infected fast. So you can take that three-month timeline to treat yourself to a few new beauty products.

Follow these makeup tips to keep your face looking its best this summer.

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