Boost your look on your lunch break

Cosmetic surgery need not take hours. For many procedures, recovery time is very short, and the treatments are minimally-invasive, meaning you're back on your feet and out of the door with little to no discomfort. As many people are pressed for time, this can be a huge perk.

But when should you schedule your treatment appointment? You should remember to make time for self-care despite juggling work, kids, family, friends and other commitments, which is why it is entirely possible – and a great idea – to do something positive for  yourself on your lunch break.

Back to work and looking great
Reader's Digest rounded up some of the best cosmetic procedures you can have during that precious hour in the middle of the day. Smooth out any trouble spots and destroy fat cells with a SculpSure treatment. The non-surgical laser procedure takes up to 25 minutes. Want to clean up your face instead? Opt for a quick waxing treatment on your eyebrows, cheeks or upper lip areas. If you can get back to work and feel comfortable, you can also get that bikini wax in the same time it would take to stand in that long cafeteria line.

Finally, if you have a big night out coming up and your face has decided to break out in a big way, inquire about cortisone injections, the source added. The substance will help bring down inflammation in no time.

Decide what is best for you
Some cosmetic procedures will take more than one session for full results. When you visit your plastic surgeon for a consultation, he or she will give you a realistic picture of how much time you will need to set aside for treatment. Then, go ahead, block the time off in your calendar, and get ready for your transformation – and it won't disrupt your routine.

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