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  • Posted on: Apr 15 2019
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Foot exfoliation | Raleigh, NCIf you think there are layers in a bureaucracy like the government, it has nothing on your feet. That’s right — your feet can have up to 80 layers of accumulated dead skin on them. Whoa!

You can try a pumice stone, razor and other means, but you’ll never get rid of all of that dead skin.

At Skin & Cosmetic Solutions we have an answer for your rough feet — Baby Foot. This foot treatment will make your feet as soft as a baby’s.

What causes skin buildup on your feet?

Dead skin builds up due to pressure and friction from standing, exercising, and wearing shoes. With additional pressure, more skin simply continues to build up. This can create pressure points on your feet, and in some cases the soles of your feet can become cracked and painful.

In the past, people have tried to shave or file off this dead skin, but there are two problems with that approach. First, it’s almost impossible to cover the entire foot bottom with these manual methods. Second, the friction itself actually creates more dead skin!

How does Baby Foot exfoliate my feet?

Baby Foot is a patented treatment that we offer at Skin & Cosmetic Solutions. Baby Foot uses a scientifically formulated mix of 17 natural extracts that both exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. The principal ingredient is fruit acid (glycolic acid) that is used in superficial facial peels. This fruit acid penetrates into the layers of dead skin cells, breaking down the desmosomes that hold the layers together. This causes the dead skin to peel away, revealing the healthy, fresh skin that has been buried under these layers of dead skin cells.

How is Baby Foot done at Skin & Cosmetic Solutions?

We can give you the Baby Foot program to do at home, or we can do it in our offices. The process is pretty simple. It involves putting two plastic booties onto your feet. The booties are filled with the patented Baby Foot exfoliating formula. You then wear the booties for one hour, washing your feet afterwards.

Now comes the exfoliation. For most people peeling begins within 3-7 days, but it can take as long as two weeks. Peeling is usually complete by 10 days. If your dead skin is still being stubborn, you can soak your feet, but don’t use a foot file on them. Once the peeling is complete, your feet will be rid of those many layers of dead skin, and will feel soft and supple.

Want to have baby-soft feet? Call us at Skin & Cosmetic Solutions, (919) 876-9576, and then walk those rough feet of yours in to our Raleigh offices to baby those tootsies with Baby Foot.

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