3 foods that are bad for your skin


The saying goes “you are what you eat,” and that couldn’t be any truer when it comes to your skin. The food you consume can have a profound influence on your complexion, and while sometimes that impact can be good, there are certain meals that can be detrimental. Here are three:

1. Milk
It’s chock full of calcium that’s great for your bones, but research has shown that acne also thrives off of milk. A 2010 study from the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found a connection between dairy consumption and acne. Another study has found that skim milk is even more likely to make you break out, as Bobby Buka, a dermatologist, told Shape Magazine.

“[It’s because of] a higher amount of bioavailable hormones in skim milk, since they cannot be absorbed in surrounding fat,” he explained.

This salty snack spells trouble for your skin.

2. Chips
They might be your go-to snack, but chips aren’t doing your complexion any favors. They’re filled with refined carbs that, over time, can result in fine lines and wrinkles, according to Prevention Magazine. Additionally, they’re usually full of sodium, which can cause puffiness under your eyes.

3. Sugary Drinks
Juice and soda are teeming with sugar, which is bad news for your skin. Sugar tends to throw off insulin levels, which can cause inflammation in your face, as Alan Dattner, a New York-based holistic dermatologist, told Oprah Magazine. It can also make your face more susceptible to wrinkles, according to Shape.

If you’ve had a habit of eating these foods, try one of our rejuvenating facial peels to give your face a fresh start. To schedule an appointment, visit Skin & Cosmetic Solutions today.

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