Omnilux Acne Treatment

Phototherapy is a well-documented treatment for many skin disorders, including acne. This treatment uses different delivery specific wavelengths of light to acne lesions with the aim of destroying acne-causing bacteria. Essentially 2 wavelengths are optimal for acne treatment – blue and red.

Blue wavelength

A Wavelength of 415nm can be delivered via the Omnilux Blue Light Therapy.

Red light

A Wavelength of 633 nm is delivered via the Omnilux Revive Red Light Therapy.

Phototherapy is one of the safest methods of acne treatment. Low-level light treatment is using the blue wavelength and red wavelength targets acne- forming bacteria. Treatments are painless and easy and over in less than 30 minutes.


  • Safe. Non-laser light is used with all our acne phototherapy systems including Omnilux Blue Light and Omnilux Revive Red Light Systems.
  • Painless. Low level light systems are painless.
  • No side effects such as skin irritation or other side effects.
  • Temporarily effective in up to 85% of acne cases. Omnilux Blue and Red light in combination can be effective in the majority of papular-pustular acne. Recent studies have shown that this method is superior to treatment with one wavelength alone (eg. Clear Light Therapy).

In fact this treatment is so safe that red and blue light phototherapy can be used to treatment acne in pregnant or breast feeding patients.


This treatment is NOT suitable for scarring acne. Scarring acne or severe acne should be treated by Specialists using methods that have the highest CURE rate, and not temporarily suppress acne lesions. Even though scars can be removed by laser treatment, prevention of scarring is paramount.

Acne phototherapy is only effective for pimples (pustules and papules) and not indicated for blackheads, or cystic severe acne.

Blue and Red light phototherapy can only provide temporary improvement in acne lesions, and not long term cure. This is because phototherapy only targets the bacteria associated with acne and NOT the cause of acne itself. In your initial visit with one of our providers, we often combine other medical treatments aimed at curing acne.


  • Are 8 alternating treatments of Omnilux Blue and Omnilux Revive Red over a 4 week treatment period.
  • Allowing at least 48 hours rest time between treatments.
  • A majority of people see their best results 6-8 weeks after the treatments are completed.
  • Follow-up series can be done 6-8 months after the last treatment was completed.

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