Endermologie® non-invasively reduces the appearance of cellulite using a machine with motorized rollers that glide over problem areas in conjunction with suction. This two-pronged approach redistributes the skin and removes dimpling. Even the most skeptical physicians and scientists have researched the technique’s effects and determined they are real, observable and scientifically substantiated.

Endermologie feels like a deep massage that treats the entire body. Patients wear a body suit during treatment that ensures optimal hygiene and allows the Endermologie head to glide easily over the body. Patients typically undergo one or two treatments a week for 14 sessions, and each session takes approximately 45 minutes. Results may vary. Skin & Cosmetic Solutions recommends monthly maintenance sessions after completion of the process to maintain the look.

Patients can maximize results by drinking plenty of water and staying active. A healthy lifestyle expedites the onset of smooth skin and sustains it for a longer period of time.

Most patients find Endermologie treatments very relaxing and often experience an increase in energy. Skin & Cosmetic Solutions can adjust the rolling action’s intensity to achieve a patient’s personal comfort level. Staying hydrated by drinking a sufficient amount of water before, during and after treatment helps eliminate waste and encourages stimulation of the lymph system to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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