What are spider veins? [Video]

Hi there! Spider veins are a common skin complaint. It occurs when blue or red veins, which are dilated, are visible on the surface of the skin. The condition is very common, particularly in older adults. Spider veins get their name from their appearance – they are commonly described as looking like spider webs. It is reported that a vast majority – around 80 percent – of women will develop spider veins at some point in their lifetime. They are often found on the legs, in areas below the knee or on the thighs. They are medically harmless, but they can make people feel self-conscious. There is a common treatment used for spider veins known as sclerotherapy, which is safe and effective. The treatment involves injecting a solution known as sotradecol into the affected area, causing the veins to gradually disappear. Results are usually observed within six weeks. Thanks for watching!

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