Travel in style with these top skincare tips

Escaping to a new destination – whether it's within the U.S. or internationally – usually means spending hours in the airport and several more in the air. Airplanes can wreak havoc on your skin: The air is closed circuit and lacks humidity, leaving your skin parched – and likely looking frazzled – when you touch down in your destination. To avoid that outcome, you can take advantage of these quick fixes. You can arrive looking refreshed, leaving people to wonder "how can I get a flight like that?"

Hydrate your skin, inside and out
The dry air on an airplane does your skin and hair no favors. Swap out a mixed drink for water to keep you hydrated. Sipping water also has the benefit of curbing cravings – so you'll be less likely to snack on calorie-dense snacks during your flight. To keep your skin feeling and looking smooth, you can use a hydrating towelette, then lock it in with an oil-free moisturizer every two hours. POPSUGAR suggested investing in a face mist – travel size, of course – to battle dry skin in the skies. Stop your lips (and hands!) from cracking by keeping a tube of chapstick with you. Opt for one with botanicals in it to do double the work.

Keep puffiness at bay
You don't just have to worry about hydrating when you're flying: Inflammation is also a top concern when you're traveling. If you're not moving for long periods of time, the blood can settle in your feet and the cabin pressure can lead to puffiness. Beauty professionals at Refinery29 swear by under eye patches to battle the minor inflammation. If you're napping through a red-eye flight, you can slip these under your eye mask. They reduce puffiness, so you can land looking like you stepped out of a spa.

Focus on enjoying your flight instead of worrying about your skin.Focus on enjoying your flight instead of worrying about your skin.

Nosh on antioxidant-rich food
It's always good to board a flight with an array of healthy snacks. Avoid foods high in salt to beat bloat. Instead, reach for foods that are high in antioxidants like fruit or dark, leafy greens, suggested UK beauty publication Get the Gloss. Didn't get a chance to grab cut up fruit in your terminal? Look for dried fruit instead. Just make sure to avoid those coated in sugar – it may lead to breakouts. If you're traveling during the day, you'll likely be exposed to higher levels of radiation, because of the high altitude and closeness to the sun. If you have an aisle seat, pack extra SPF to help avoid too much sun exposure.

Flying wreaks havoc on your body. Fight off the symptoms of grogginess by getting up every hour and taking a lap up and down the aisle. You can also keep your skin happy by borrowing these tips from beauty professionals. When you return, make sure to schedule an appointment at Skin Solutions for an ultra-hydrating facial mask or brighten your skin with a chemical peel. Schedule a consultation today to help you travel in style.

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