Tips for makeup removal

If you're a fan of makeup, you'll no doubt be aware of its ability to transform your appearance. Whether it's a light dusting of makeup or a full evening look complete with foundation, eye shadow, liner and lips, makeup works to enhance your features and bring out the best in your appearance.

However, your Cinderella moment will come to a swift end when you are left with a face full of makeup that you are tasked with removing before heading to bed. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to remove your makeup. Here are a few of them.

Sometimes, all you need is a little steam. Simply soak a washcloth in extremely hot water. After allowing it to cool enough to touch your skin without burning it (remember: the skin on your face may be a little more sensitive than other parts of your body), place it on your face.The steam does a good job of opening pores and, as a result, helps with the removal of dirt and grime from your skin. If you have a little more time, take a hot shower and wash your face when there is plenty of steam in the bathroom.

Baby wipes and oil
Don't bother wasting your time with expensive makeup remover wipes. Not only are they pricey, but they aren't always effective in removing the makeup from your face! Sometimes they may take off the makeup but leave a rash or skin irritation behind. Replace the makeup remover wipes with basic baby wipes. If they are soft and safe enough for a baby's backside, they are soft enough for the sensitive skin on your face.

Honey and baking soda
This homemade makeup remover functions as both a cleanser and exfoliate for your skin. By scrubbing lightly, the combination of honey and baking soda can help you remove makeup while giving your face a spa treatment.

Speaking of spas, cucumbers are another natural way to remove makeup. If you have the time, mash cucumbers by hand. If not, simply throw them in the blender. Add a dash of olive oil and you have a cleanser-like scrub for your face! Because cucumbers are so high in antioxidants, they can reduce skin irritations and help with acne.

Cucumbers are superfoods that can help your skin.Cucumbers are superfoods that can help your skin.

A Facial Cleanser Product
If you are looking for a good way to clean your face every night before bed, consider using a facial cleanser product. A good cleanser will help remove dirt, oil, dead skin cells and makeup while replenishing your skin with the nutrients it needs to be healthy. You can even use a cleanser as shaving lotion in the shower.

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