Physicians anticipate liposuction will lead cosmetic surgery comeback

The beginning of the new year is an appropriate time to start thinking about cosmetic surgery, and more people are expected to consider this year as the right time to try it. According to recent statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of surgical cosmetic procedures fell slightly from 2013 to 2014, but physicians are confident about a comeback in 2016.

The Cosmetic Surgery Times recently reported on how today's patients are benefiting from an amalgamation of technologies that allow them to achieve their long-term goals, and surgeons are starting to see a shift in demand. While patients once desired minimally invasive, abbreviated procedures, more physicians encourage surgery or other more involved procedures as the best method for long-lasting, effective results.

"Demand for cosmetic surgery comes from both women and men, who are also looking to achieve a certain look rather than just remove fat."

The increasing demand for body shaping and etching procedures are giving physicians hope for a big cosmetic surgery comeback. According to Jason Emer, M.D., a dermatological surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, this demand comes from  women and men who are seeking to achieve a certain look rather than just remove fat. Men, he says, are looking to fulfill an athletic build while women still opt for more naturally athletic yet feminine looks.

"The future of fat reduction is full body contouring, defining, sculpting and etching using surgical and non-surgical approaches in concert to get the best outcomes," Dr. Emer told Cosmetic Surgery Times. "It's the same with patients coming in for their faces. They're looking for wrinkle improvement, volume improvement, lifting all at once."

At Skin & Cosmetic Solutions, we offer the Tumescent liposuction procedure, which is the safest liposuction technique available. Dr. Puente was trained by Dr. Jeffrey Klein, who developed the technique in 1985, and has completed over 10,000 Tumescent liposuction procedures on 3,000 patients without any complications. It's ideal to remove fat in areas like the abdomen, flanks, arms, buttocks, hips, thighs, chin and knees. 

More patients prefer this procedure because it can be performed entirely under local anesthesia. You can also quickly return to normal activities, wear compression garments under clothes for a week after the procedure then exercise to maintain your new physique.

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