New Year’s resolutions for your skin

Each new year presents the opportunity to start with a fresh, clean slate. If you're contemplating a resolution surrounding health or wellness, consider focusing on something that really matters. This year, resolve to put your skin first.

Clean out your makeup bag
As any female knows, it's easy for makeup bags to turn into a black hole. With each new lipstick or bronzer purchase, your cosmetic bag seems to bulge just a little more, until it's nearly overflowing and filled with spilled liquid foundation.

This year, start fresh by going through your collection and cleaning our your bag. Not only will doing so let you feel neat and organized, it will also help the health of your skin, according to Allure magazine. For example, it's likely that your many makeup brushes haven't been cleaned in a while – if ever. Cleaning each individual makeup brush is important for reducing your risk of breakouts. Not only will your skin be happier, but these products will last longer too. Similarly, be sure to go through all of your cosmetics and get rid of any product that is expired.

Exfoliate regularly
One of the very best things you can do to take care of and improve your skin is to exfoliate regularly. While some beauty routines vary depending on skin type, exfoliating is one regimen that is important for those with oily, dry, sensitive and combination skin alike, according to Annmarie Skin Care. This procedure helps remove old, dead skin cells so that fresh, new ones can grow.

To revitalize your skin in this way, you can use any number of at-home exfoliating products or schedule an exfoliating peel for renewed, younger looking skin. You'll walk out with a glow, feeling like a new person again.

Treat your skin right
This may sound like a simple resolution, but do you really give your skin the tender love and care it deserves? Even on the latest and most sleepiest of nights, it is essential to remove your makeup and cleanse your face, urged The Fashion Spot. Warm water and the right foaming cleanser are your best bet but even if you're too tired to do that, a makeup-removing face wipe with cleansing properties will do the trick.

Treating your skin right also means eating right, moisturizing and getting enough rest. And don't forget about giving your body and skin enough love, urged The Fashion Spot. Take the time to body scrub and lather yourself in your favorite lotions and oils. In fact, this year, go the extra mile and remedy your skin with a well-deserved green tea and honey facial.

Learn to understand your skin
This is the year to stop guessing and take control of your health by really getting to know your skin type. As The Fashion Spot explained, you owe it to yourself to know what your undertone is and what kind of skin you have. Having this knowledge allows you to pick and choose products that are right for you, perfectly made for your skin. If you are unsure, you can schedule a consultation with a specialist.

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