How to prepare for your first cosmetic procedure

With the popularity, simplicity and effectiveness of cosmetic procedures continuing to grow, you may be more inclined to give one a try. However, it's common to not know what to expect or how to proceed. Here, we've created a handy guideline to help you prepare for your first cosmetic procedure:

Do your research
It's important to go into your procedure as informed as possible. The more you know about a treatment and its potential side effects, as well as the professional administering it and the facility, the better equipped you'll be to undergo the process.

For many simple and non-invasive procedures, you'll find that side effects are mild and results are typically promising, giving you more peace of mind before your appointment. For others, you should know enough to have a plan to handle the risks.

"Follow these directions closely to minimize any risks."

Follow directions
Certain treatments will require different preparations than others, so it's important to follow these directions closely to minimize any risks and increase the effectiveness. Some procedures, like liposuction, will require consultations prior to beginning, while others, like an exfoliating peel, don't require as much planning.

Ask questions
Your most important resource leading up to your procedure will be the physician or professional administering it. They'll have a wealth of information to share with you, especially on their own experience and expertise. To both ease you into the process and choose the right environment for a procedure, it's important that you ask any questions you may have.

Manage expectations
While some treatments may have results that pleasantly surprise you, others may need a few sessions to work. It's important that you understand that possibility so you can manage your expectations.

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