How to get a healthy summer glow

One of the best parts of summer is the gorgeous glow you get on your skin. However, that effect often comes through long hours of unsafe sun exposure, which can lead to damage later on. Instead of spending time baking in those UV rays, try these alternatives for a healthy summer glow:

Wear plenty of sunscreen
When you think of the colors you'd want on your skin this summer, "beet red" is probably not one of them. That's why it's important to get adequate sunscreen coverage to protect yourself from sunburns and other UV damage. Try the Total Sun Protection Lotion by Clinicians Complex, and make sure to apply it to your skin at least 20 minutes before you head outside.

Treat yourself
Nothing makes skin glow quite like the natural effects of rest and relaxation. This summer, treat yourself to some pampering treatments, like facials, that help you unwind while cleansing your complexion.

Three girls relaxing in a spa.Relax and pamper yourself to obtain a stunning summer glow.

Try an exfoliating peel
According to Medical Daily, exfoliating your skin is one way to allow it to tan more easily and hang onto that color longer. However, on their own, exfoliating peels can leave your complexion looking rejuvenated and luminous, giving you a healthy glow without the risks.

Similarly, microdermabrasion cleans your skin through the use of micro-crystals, taking away dead cells and leaving behind a rejuvenated, radiant surface. Both treatments are great ways to get a fresh start on your skin this summer.

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