Here’s the latest makeup trend: semipermanent makeup

There's a new trend in the skincare industries: You can now get semi-permanent makeup tattooed on your skin. The hype started in South Korea before coming across the ocean to the U.S., The New York Times reported.

What is makeup tattooing?
Several makeup artists have focused on using tattoo color to grant a youthful look to clients. Artists fill in brows for color and shape or giving lips a natural shade of pink that can make women look and feel younger. Microblading is one such method: Clinicians mix customized blends and use several thin needles to ink clients, to mimic the look of natural brows.

Why get it?
The motivation behind this trend is the desire to look put together without spending precious amounts of time in the morning getting ready. Social media has been an essential tool for these semi-permanent makeup artists and for showcasing the positive results. In addition, clients want to borrow some of the everyday glamor from their favorite celebrities that use these techniques.

However, just as with many cosmetic procedures, there are some horror stories. To avoid having a negative experience, you need to find a clinician you trust, Linda Dixon, M.D. told Shape magazine.

"Look for someone who is really going to listen to what will make you happy," She said. "You have to feel that sense of trust."

Many of these procedures last six months to a year, which means you'll be living with the results for a while – so you'll want your clinician to do a good job. You can ask for "before" and "after" pictures as well as scheduling a consultation before to discuss what you're looking to accomplish.

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