Here’s how to handle adult acne

For many adults, they say goodbye to acne when they enter college. However, as your body undergoes hormonal changes, you may develop more acne as you get older. According to The Mirror, there are other causes for adult acne, including stress. Know that this acne is normal – and there are several ways you can minimize it.

The DIY fix
If you're looking for an au natural route, there are several topical options you can try. Honey is a great anti-bacterial that can help fend off acne without stripping skin of its natural oils. You can try a honey mask like wellness blogger Wellness Mama – or you can stop into Skin Solutions to receive a green tea and honey facial. Using raw, local honey provides more antioxidants than the store-bought version – and leaves a great floral smell. For at-home remedies, you only need about one teaspoon of honey for each face wash.

Another option is a clay or mud mask. The annoying symptoms of acne can include angry red bumps – known as cystic pimples – that sit underneath the surface. These can be the result of clogged pores. According to Cosmopolitan, these clay masks draw out dirt and other impurities from the skin. Melanie Grant, a skin professional, recommended looking for products with vitamins or, paprika – which can help increase blood flow and leave you looking rosy – to help ward off free radicals.

A clay mask can draw out dirt that can cause cystic pimples.A clay mask can draw out dirt that can cause cystic pimples.

The OTC Fix
Sometimes you need a stronger fix for your acne. Investing in alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acids may be the answer. According to Livestrong, these acids slough off dead skin cells, which can contribute to clogged pores. Dr. O' Brien, a dermatologist based in New York, suggested trying a product that has between 6 to 10 percent glycolic acid. No need to use it everyday! Twice a week should help with rejuvenating skin without causing irritation. AHAs can be found in chemical and exfoliating peels, like those offered at Skin Solutions. There are additional benefits as well: Chemical peels with glycolic acid can increase blood flow, giving skin a rosy glow. Some dermatologists also use it for anti-aging regimens. Glycolic acid can stimulate your skin into producing more collagen – which is responsible for softening the look of crow's feet or fine wrinkles.

Another option is salicylic acid, a type of beta-hydroxy acid. This acid is known for its anti-acne properties. You can find it in many exfoliating products in your local drug store. It's worth noting: Salicylic acid has larger molecules than glycolic acid, so it shouldn't be your go-to for deep cleaning. Salicylic acid also has another benefit: It can soften lines, making it an ideal ingredient in anti-aging products.

You can also try some of Skin Solutions' products to use at home. We offer a range of products that can make your skin feel smoother and help you look and feel your best. Schedule a free consultation today and get control of your acne.

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