5 questions to ask before a cosmetic procedure

If you're thinking about undergoing your first cosmetic procedure, you probably have a lot of questions. Some of these are helpful to ask yourself or the professional performing the treatment. We've outlined a guide of the five most important questions to consider:

1. Is this procedure right for me?
This is a question for both you and the physician. While cosmetic procedures have come a long way, some aren't right for everyone. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends inquiring whether you're a good candidate for the treatment. You should also think about how comfortable you are with the process, its possible side effects and the projected recovery period.

2. Have I done enough research?
You'll get a lot of information about the procedure, but it's important to conduct your own research. You can find out about the difference between certain techniques, see other patient testimonials as well as before/after photos to make sure you're making the right choice.

Woman considering whether or not to undergo a cosmetic procedure.Do plenty of research and weigh the pros and cons of a procedure.

3. What are my expectations?
Before you undergo a procedure, you will need to consider your cosmetic goals. Consulting with a physician on these objectives before you begin can guide what kinds of treatments are right for you and how many sessions you'll need to obtain the look you want.

4. What are the possible complications?
You'll most likely hear about the risks of a procedure before you're treated, but it doesn't hurt to ask right away. This can help you decide whether this procedure is worth it for you.

5. What's your experience?
This is an important question for anyone who will be administering the treatment. It can encompass both the professional's experience in the industry and with the specific procedure. If you have any nerves, sometimes being reassured about these qualifications can help calm you.

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