4 tips for caring for your skin during fall


Fall is perfect for warm sweaters, colorful trees and a shakeup to your skin-care routine. The colder, windier days spell trouble for your skin. Here are four easy tips for helping you look and feel your  best this fall:

1. Don’t forget the sunscreen
Just because you’re not out by the pool doesn’t mean the sun has gone away. A common mistake people make during the fall is to forget to wear skin-care products with SPF. Although the temperatures are lower and you’re unlikely to notice the sun as much, harmful UV rays are still present in the sunlight. They can cause sunburns, dark spots or even skin cancer with prolonged exposure. Although you are likely to be a little more bundled up in warmer jackets and sweatshirts, make sure you don’t forget a little sunscreen on the uncovered areas, like your hands and face. If you’re looking for a light, unscented sunscreen, try the Solbar Zinc.

2. Avoid skin-care products with alcohol
From aftershave to perfume, do your best to avoid skin-care products that contain alcohol as a main ingredient. If your skin is naturally oily or prone to acne, you may have to use alcohol sparingly in the cold months. But if not, avoid alcohol in your skin-care products until the spring as it may dry out your skin.

3. Try a new body wash
If you are in need of a reason to switch body wash, the change of season is as good a reason as ever. One of the easiest ways to moisturize often is to do it every day as a part of your shower routine. Search for a body wash (or even bar of soap) with moisturizing properties so your skin doesn’t dry out as easily. CeraVe’s Hydrating Cleanser and Foaming Facial Cleanser help replenish your skin with the vitamins it needs to glow.

4. Treat your face to luxurious sleep
If you wake up with red or blotchy skin after a night of sleep, it may be time to change your pillowcases. Ditch the old, cotton pillowcase you sleep on now in favor of silk. Not only is silk a natural material, but it does not contain any harsh, artificial synthetic material that could irritate your skin. Some professionals even say that sleeping with silk pillowcases can reduce redness, dryness and breakouts, according to Medical Daily.

Want to hear more helpful tips for healthy skin in the fall? To schedule an appointment, visit Skin & Cosmetic Solutions today!

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