3 treatments to help you look your best at a pool party

We're halfway through the summer, but that doesn't mean it's over yet! There's still plenty of time for a last-minute pool party invite, but are you ready? Here are some treatments that will have you feeling great in a bathing suit:

Laser hair removal
Are you too embarrassed by areas of unwanted hair to bare your skin at a pool party? Laser hair removal could help you. We used the GentleMax Pro laser, which is capable of treating a range of skin tones and hair types, destroying unwanted hair right at the follicle without disturbing the surrounding skin. However, if you've already been tanning all summer, this treatment unfortunately cannot be performed on you.

A woman shaving in the bathtub.This summer, try laser hair removal instead of shaving, which can irritate your skin.

If you're like most men and women, you have some cellulite on your body that you might not feel too proud about showing off. Endermologie is one of the only cellulite treatments that has surprised physicians and scientists with its impressive results.

By using motorized rollers and suction, Endermologie redistributes skin and reduces the look of cellulite. Plus, the procedure only takes approximately 45 minutes, with many patients repeating treatments once or twice a week for 14 sessions, which means it could soon help you start to feel your best at the next pool party.

If you're looking for even more results from a cosmetic procedure, consider liposuction. At Skin & Cosmetic Solutions, we use the tumescent technique, which is the safest method available and one of the least invasive, as well.

Dr. Puente can administer the procedure with just local anesthesia, helping patients achieve their desired body shapes and contours and quickly resume their normal daily activities.

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