3 tips to treat acne-prone skin in summer

With sweat, dirt, sunscreen, makeup and other sources of bacteria getting into your pores, acne-prone skin can often break out worse in the summer. To help you avoid those unsightly zits and pimples, here are some skin care tips to get you through the season:

1. Use oil-free sun block
We know it can cause breakouts, but you should never go sunscreen-free in the summer. Dealing with a few zits is better than the potentially serious consequences of going without that protection. However, you don't necessarily need to compromise. Find an oil-free sunscreen so you can guard your skin from harmful UV rays while keeping it clear.

2. Stay fresh throughout the day
Sometimes, it's impossible to get through a summer day without sweating. So it doesn't ruin your clean skin, use towelettes or blotting paper to keep your complexion fresh all day long.

A woman sweating outside.Clean your face of sweat and oil throughout the day to stay fresh.

3. Wear less makeup
Makeup can weigh especially heavy on your face in the summer, and when you sweat, it will block your pores even more, causing intense breakouts. If possible, avoid it altogether, but if you need to cover up, try a tinted moisturizer instead, as the Huffington Post suggests.

4. Try an acne-fighting treatment
If these tips don't work, it might mean your skin needs a little more help. At Skin & Cosmetic Solutions, we offer cryotherapy – a mild exfoliation treatment that uses dry ice dipped in a solution of acetone and sulfur to rid your face of dead skin cells and destroy bacteria, helping your face stay clear of acne.

We also offer a variety of facials that can give your pores the deep clean they need. Try the seasonal facial that can be tailored to treat acne-prone skin in the summer, and continue this procedure throughout the rest of the year.

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