3 procedures that are perfect for the summer

In summer, when our skin is more exposed, we want to look like a masterpiece, not a work in progress. However, there are plenty of procedures with minimal recovery that you can still consider. Here are three that we offer at Skin & Cosmetic Solutions:

1. Laser hair removal
If you're trying to maintain smooth skin all summer long, a laser hair removal treatment could be perfect for you.

At Skin & Cosmetic Solutions, we use the GentleMax Pro laser – a gentle treatment that effectively targets specific hair follicles and makes sure the surrounding skin remains untouched. While patients may experience some redness and irritation, these reactions tend to only last a few days. We typically recommend that patients undergo six to eight treatments to get hair in each of its growth cycles. However, since we cannot perform the procedure on tanned skin, consider it at the beginning at the summer before you get too much sun exposure.

Maintain that summer smoothness with laser hair removal treatments.Maintain that summer smoothness with laser hair removal treatments.

BOTOX treatments are quick with little discomfort and no recovery time, making them ideal for the summer when you're eager to get back outside. BOTOX targets lines and wrinkles on your face and neck, leaving you with smoother, younger looking skin. The injection is administered in a 5-minute session, with results appearing within a few days.

3. Juvederm
Much like BOTOX, Juvederm is also a simple procedure with mild side effects. At our offices, we offer both the Injectable Gel and Voluma XC. While the Injectable Gel can smooth wrinkles around your nose and mouth, the Voluma XC procedure is the first FDA-approved treatment to add volume to the cheek area.

Both treatments can produce moderate and temporary reactions, like redness and tenderness, but these don't take too much time to disappear. For the Injectable Gel, they last a few days, while they last a few weeks for Voluma XC.

To schedule an appointment for one of these procedures, visit Skin & Cosmetic Solutions today!

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