3 misconceptions about liposuction [Video]

Though liposuction is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures, there are plenty of misconceptions about it. Here, we dispel three major ones so you can learn more about this treatment:

Patients often fear that fat will return somewhere else on their body after the procedure, and this is completely untrue. Liposuction targets specific areas of excess fat to prevent new deposits there. Any other appearance of fat is unrelated to the treatment.

Another misconception is that liposuction is a substitute for weight loss regimens. While liposuction can help you remove unwanted fat, you still need to exercise and eat right to maintain your shape.

Finally, the idea that there is only one form of liposuction is false. There are different types. At  Skin and Cosmetic Solutions, we perform the tumescent technique, during which the patient can be awake without general anesthesia, making it the safest method available.

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